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Professional Development Day Reviews

Highlights, perspectives and appreciations contributed by our members


February 2017 - Whangarei

October 2014 - Christchurch

Upskilling Your Acuity - Knowing when and how to intervene

It turns out Evelyn has been doing NLP since she first read Frogs into Princes back in the 1970's - so what a treasure box she is of tips and tricks! And the artful use of invisible magic wands! And other metaphors and meta models and entrancing magic words of change-inducing fun! That's right - FUN!

You may be curious, or fascinated to learn, that our beloved NZANLP administrator Sylvia is a long-time fan of Evelyn's and she set about the task of modelling how Evelyn runs a session! And it gets curiouser and curiouser - for Evelyn doesn't even use notes and stuff. Not pen and paper notes. She uses her mind. Sub-modalities even! In lots of cool ways! Maybe this isn't new to you, but to some of us, to me, it was.

Together they showed us how to access an even more resourceful state than we may previously have learned, how to use mental imagery in the way Evelyn does to project open heart-centred energy towards the client, to filter out content that does not relate to the client's core issue and to store key words and audio clips in the mind's eyes and ears that describe the central issues that arise during a session. Awesome, right?

We also learned how to just use conversational shifts, driven by a connection with our own gut feeling, to interrupt patterns and tip the client towards solving their own problem as they talk.

Importantly, there were some useful tips on closing off the session energetically and guiding ourselves, as practitioners, through some anchored state changes between sending one client on their merry new way, and welcoming the next in for some more moments of magic.

There's a bunch more detail to it - but I like being chunked up so I am not going to tell you here. Instead I urge you to invite Evelyn and Sylvia to your regional town for a wee presentation - or - to model each other's success and share those models with each other! Be like Whangarei  - Nah, kidding! Just be your wonderful selves!

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A Programme(d) Review
An overview of the day and presenters

“Ah, would there were a loaf of bread as fare,
A joint of lamb, a jug of vintage rare,
And you and I in wilderness encamped—
No Sultan’s pleasure could with ours compare”.
Ahmad Saidi (1904–1994)

The professional development day of the NZANLP was all about the building of resilience for the heroic journey of closing the knowing-doing GAP in life.

The venue itself, bathed in sunshine and blue skies, exhorted one welcome in summer, and recognized one’s unlimited potential to fly, as did the aircraft balanced in the ether of their space.

Lynn Timpany provided much food for the soul, gently, eloquently and grammatically inspiring everyone to search and delve into the recesses of their minds, to realize how blessed we all are. All one has to do is listen to our selves and connect the dots. The final picture; a masterpiece in living.

Dr. Alan Fayter facilitated everyone into peeling off our layers of fat, to cut through to our very nerve centres in translating mind to muscle, words to action. Dr. Alan was also willing to share of his basket of knowledge and experience, offering Christchurch practitioners and would be practitioners the opportunity to bloom and grow.

Aaron McLoughlin expounded on the heroic journey of resiliency, leading by example in accepting the presidency of the NZANLP. Many have suggested the ‘power of one’ - Aaron introduced the mind to the ‘power of two’.  Long may you run, breathing easy, for oxygen is free and so too are we. Congratulations, Aaron.

Richard G, Thank you for your time, energy goodwill and genuineness. You are part of history. May you and yours stay ‘Forever Young’.
The entire day was really uplifting and energising. The catering satisfied the body, the speakers and audience comforted the mind. One can hope this is the beginning of many more opportunities to free one’s mind, especially in Christchurch, with the ongoing rebuild, and a burgeoning population of seekers hungry for meaning in their lives.

Review by Melwyn Rodricks.
Melwyn is a counsellor with Catholic Social Services and The Canterbury Men's Centre, with a strong passion for NLP.

Mind to Muscle
Presented by Dr Alan Fayter

For advanced NLP & Neuro-Semantic training and coaching, contact Alan at:
Phone: 021 260 5486

Alan Fayter, NLP Master Trainer, presented “Mind-to-Muscle” for the second session at our PD Day in Christchurch.

The purpose of this technique is to turn a principle or concept into a neurological pattern.

This involves taking a principle, not a goal although it could turn into a goal, and embodying it so that it moves from being a good idea into something that is doable and inspiring.

There are six steps to this process

  1. Identify a principle or concept that you want to incorporate into your muscles
  2.  Describe the principle as a belief
  3. Reformat the belief into a decision
  4. Rephrase as an emotional state or experience
  5. Turn the emotions into action (next smallest step)
  6. Let your mind spiral (future pace).

Alan used both spatial and kinesthetic anchors in his demonstration to first set up a chain and then add the specific principle. The difference in his demo subject, at the end of the process, when she thought about her principle, was really evident.

We then partnered up and did the process, which was really useful.

PD days are a great experience and this one was rich with opportunities to learn, meet old friends and make new ones. The processes that are generously shared by the presenters are only as good as our commitment to use them afterwards. This morning I made cards and stepped out this process around a principle that is important to me.

My cells are tingling and I am inspired.
Thank you Alan.

Reviewed by Patricia Greenhough.

Resilient Responding
Presented by Lynn Timpany

For coaching, therapy and supervision, contact Lynn at:
Phone: 03 389 8952

Resilient Responding or ‘Resilienting’ taught by Lynn Timpany gave us an experience of denominalising resilience in a way that allows us to find our own personal ideal way of acting in any adverse situation. 

The awesome thing I find about Lynn’s process is that it’s values based - so you’re identifying and connecting in with a personally unique strategy but also one that feels true to the core of your being.

Essentially just a few steps, the process takes you through first identifying what’s important about your ideal response to the situation (eg. staying calm), to noticing secondly how you would be doing that with each of your senses (eg. breathing deeply, telling myself ‘I’m safe’ etc), checking if there’s an underlying core question and lastly checking if it’s ok to do those things in the challenging situation.

There were heaps of discoveries for us about ourselves and about the way we can be responding more resiliently in situations that challenge us in life.  The way I’ve just described it here is only meant to give you a feel for the process – in reality there’s a lot more to it! But don’t worry, Lynn told me she’s going to write a book at some stage of her NLP processes developed over the years. Apparently, the fact she told me, makes it more likely she’s actually going to do it (according to research Alan Fayter referenced on the day) – so we can all look forward to the full version plus many more goodies from her in print sooner or later!

Review by Maree Stachel-Williamson
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The Heroic Journey
Presented by Aaron McLoughlin

Aaron is an NLP Master Practitioner and Past President of NZANLP.
Contact Aaron at:
Phone: 021 167 5150

After a delectable vegetarian lunch, a walk in the cool Christchurch air, and a catch up with NLP colleagues from other centres on our beautiful islands of Aotearoa, participants gathered in the conference room at the Wigram Airforce Museum in readiness for the third presentation of the day. Aaron McLoughlin, of BetterSleepSooner fame, was introduced as the both the next presenter, and our new President of the NZANLP. Welcome and congratulations Aaron.

This tall wide eyed and fast talking comedian soon had his audience running to keep up; probably an appropriate pace given that we were entering that soporific post-lunch period when sophistry tends to engender drooping eyelids and nodding heads. Being a world expert on sleep, Aaron would have been aware that circadian rhythms were heading into a trough at that time of the day. Never the less, Aaron dived straight into a metaphorical loop, a pleasing feature of all the presenters on the day, which certainly piqued his audience’s interest; would he get down from the cliff face? That, combined with Aaron’s extraordinary pace a wit made for an entertaining session; probably good for the digestion as well…

…which reminds me of a story Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondanada, told about himself when he travelled to New York city one time to consult his guru, Harry Cohen Baba. Finding the said guru in his favourite restaurant devouring a pastrami sandwich and washing it down with Dr Brown’s Cel-Ray Tonic, the Swami asked that question for which everyone wants an answer, “Oh, Garment Centred One, what is the meaning of life?” His mouth full, and barely looking up from his plate, the great guru replied, “Digesting”, an answer that puzzled and perplexed the Swami. “That’s it? Just sitting here and eating food is the meaning of life?”…

...and many people are curious about the meaning of their lives. According to Aaron, that kind of curiosity is one of the most beneficial states known to humankind; better even than having goals. “Curiosity” claimed Aaron, “is the leading edge on creativity and healing.” Drawing on the work of Dr Earnest Rossi, Aaron outlined the three “n”s, three stages that energise people to make transformative and generative change: the novelty of new experience, numinosum or the state of curiosity and fascination that precedes personal breakthrough, and neurogenesis, the creation of new neural pathways. Aaron also generously shared a method he has designed to eliminate migraine headaches. What a relief.

My favourite McLoughlin profundity for the day was his delightfully multileveled comment, “We can’t heal a part”.  Now how many ways can you spin that? Aaron’s presentation was stimulating and informative. His rapid and articulate delivery, generously peppered with quotes from such luminaries as Earnest Rossi, Greg Braden, Albert Eintein, Michael Gleb, Milton Erickson, and Richard Bolstad, acted as a sort of cerebral bomb that produced an explosion of dendrites. However, given Aaron’s warmth and whimsy, they were more like tenderdrites.  He certainly challenged us to entertain some big ideas, although I rather suspect it was Aaron that was doing the entertaining. Thank you Aaron, for finally getting off the cliff face and adding to the meaning of your life…

…which was the question Swami Beyondananda asked his guru, and was rather curious when he received the reply, “Digesting”. “Just sitting here and eating food is the meaning of life?” asked the greatly disappointed Swami. “Who said anything about food?” replied the guru. “I said the meaning of life is die jesting. We all gotta die someday, so we may as well die jesting. And you truly never know when the old Grin Reaper may show up, so I suggest you start jesting right away.”

Story from: Swami Beyondananda, When you see a sacred wow…milk it for all it’s worth. Lower Lake, CA: Aslan Publishing, 1993.


te ruruReview by Te Ruru
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