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NZ Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Fostering NLP excellence, professionalism, and growth


NZANLP Membership Overview

Membership benefits and fees, membership categories and the application process


NZANLP Membership benefits and fees
NZANLP Membership categories
NZANLP Membership application process
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NZANLP general membership benefits

  • belonging to a recognised professional organisation
  • professional development training (with member discounts)
  • access to supervision, peer support and consultative support groups
  • access to the members' only area of our website
  • optional inclusion in the NZANLP networking list
  • biennial conference (with member discounts)
  • bi-monthly newsletter
  • access to our Facebook 'members only' group for discussions about the Association, client questions, comments, sharing of NLP ideas, facts, and connecting with the NLP community.

NZANLP Membership Fees

Category Fee to 31 March 2018
(Includes $20 application administration fee)
Annual Renewal Fee thereafter
1 April - 31 March
Professional 125.00 105.00
Member 100.00   80.00
Associate 75.00   55.00
Family Receive $20 discount for second and subsequent family members in any category

NZANLP Membership categories

Professional Membership

This membership level is for those individuals who are using NLP skills in their work (coaching, therapy, consulting, training, counselling, body work, business, etc), and who want to be recognised as practising NLP professionally.

Go to Professional Membership information page


Member Category Membership

This category of membership is for those who have achieved a minimum of certification as an NLP Practitioner and:

  1. are progressing through training, en route to becoming a Professional Member, or
  2. do not require Professional Membership at this time.

Go to Member Category information page

Associate Membership

This category is for those individuals who are interested in NLP or are students of NLP with no practitioner certification and wish to avail themselves of the benefits of belonging to our Association.

Go to Associate Membership information page

NZANLP Membership application process

All candidates are required to complete an application form and pay the appropriate fee.

Please complete your application online:

Associate Membership Application
Member Category Membership Application
Professional Membership Application

Note: All members are required to abide by the ConstitutionCode of Ethics and Code of Practice and Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure 2008.


What happens next:

Associate Membership and Member Category applications

Our administrator will check over your application and let you know if any further information is required. Once the information is complete, your application will be forwarded to the Management Committee for consideration at the next monthly Management Committee meeting.

Professional Membership applications

On receipt of an application for Professional Membership, the administrator will forward your application to the Registration Board for review.

The role of the Registration board is to ensure that the information provided demonstrates that the applicant’s training and experience has met the minimum criteria for Professional Membership.

Please go to our Professional Membership page for more information on our Three Step Application Approval Process.


All applications

When your application has been approved, we will email your membership confirmation and provide your membership booklet, website login details, and membership number, and invite you to join our Facebook group.




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