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NZ Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Fostering NLP excellence, professionalism, and growth


NZANLP Member support structures

How we maintain the Association's functions and meet your needs as a member


NZANLP Management Committee
Administration Officer/Website Manager
Registration Board
Facebook group
Approved Supervisors
Regional NLP groups
Trainers group
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NZANLP Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the running of the Association in accordance with the Constitution.

With respect to membership, the Management Committee is responsible for:

  • approving membership
  • issuing professional practising certificates
  • processing of membership renewals
  • organising professional development and general meetings
  • resolving situations of non-adherence to the Constitution and Codes of Ethics and Practice.


Administration Officer/Website Manager

The Association employs a part-time administration officer/website manager to deal with the day-to-day running of the Association, member queries, membership renewals, and website maintenance and updates.


Registration Board

The Registration Board's role is to support the Management Committee with respect to the approval and maintenance of membership.

The Registration Board:

  • makes recommendations to the Committee regarding membership applications
  • oversees the assessment of Professional Membership applications
  • maintains a register of Approved Supervisors


Facebook Group

"NZANLP - NZ Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming" is a closed group available exclusively to our members. Its purpose is the sharing of NZANLP news and discussions, NLP ideas, facts, fun and frivolity along with peer support and input regarding client questions/issues.


Approved Supervisors

Approved Supervisors provide professional supervision to Professional Members. This allows NZANLP to maintain an overall high level of confidence in the skills and competencies of our members. Approved Supervisors are experienced Professional Members who meet the criteria laid down by the Association. Many of our Supervisors are available for Skype sessions.


Regional NLP groups

Throughout the country, regional groups hold regular meetings for NLP practice, information sharing, and peer consultative support.

Where the regional group meetings are organised to meet NZANLP guidelines, Members may include attendance as professional development training.


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Copyright © 2013 - 2016 New Zealand Association of NLP Inc

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