Our Vision

To create a high professional and community profile for NLP and promote wide recognition of NLP.

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming is a method for modelling excellence. It is the study of how we do what we do, especially the behaviour that works well. By studying thinking patterns and behaviours that create excellent outcomes, NLP professionals can teach other people strategies for achieving their own best outcomes. These goals range from personal (such as improving self-confidence, quitting an addiction, resolving trauma and health problems, becoming happier...) through to corporate success (such as increasing sales, improving public speaking, developing better marketing strategies, creating better workplace dynamics).

NLP supporters love NLP because it creates rapid change by providing tangible steps for a person or an organisation to put in place to create great outcomes.

You can read more about how this applies to specific areas by clicking on any of the NLP Applications boxes below.

Applications of NLP

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NLP is a quick and effective therapy method, usually only requiring 2-5 sessions

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NLP can resolve a range of health problems or can be used within mainstream healthcare to enhance outcomes


Personal Growth

NLP can be used by the individual to resolve negative patterns and accelerate personal growth


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Sales / Marketing

NLP boosts sales, improves marketing strategies and generates more sales

Female Patient

NLP coaching techniques can help to remove the unconscious roadblocks to your success


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NLP enhances classroom management, improves rapport with students, and improves learning techniques


Become a Member

We have a range of membership options starting with free membership for people who are just curious about NLP and want to know more, through to our full professional members who are accredited by us as meeting professional standards for working with clients.



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Find out more from the co-founder of NLP

Richard Bandler and John Grinder co-created NLP in the 1970s.

Watch this movie by Richard Bandler to learn more about the key principles behind NLP.

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Research into NLP

While NLP has not had as much research as other therapy modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy, there have been some interesting studies that have shown some good results, and suggest that further research would be most useful. You can read a summary and access some of this research here.


Find NLP training courses near you!

There are many NLP training courses in NZ, of varying lengths and certification levels.

It is important to think about your intended outcome of studying NLP, so that you can choose a suitable course. Short courses are fine for personal development, education and corporate use, but if you wish to become an NZANLP Accredited Professional NLP Practitioner, you will need to do full length courses with a total of 18 days Practitioner training and then 18 days Master Practitioner training.


The trainers listed on our website are all members of NZANLP and are approved by NZANLP as meeting our high standards for accreditation, and fitting in with our Code of Ethics.


See our list of trainers below.


Richard Bolstad

Transformations International

Auckland and Wellington


18 day (full length) and short courses


Stephanie Philp

Inside Your Mind

Raglan, Waikato


18 day (full length) and short courses


Geoff Duncan



18 day (full length) and short courses


Insight Unlimited

Gisborne, East Coast

I love and support my NZANLP community because every time we got together I always learn something: about NLP, about me and about being part of something bigger! Thanks NZANLP!


Jane, NLP Master Practitioner

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  • Coach Training Masterclass Presented by Stephanie Philp
    15 Aug, 10:00 am
    Raglan Sunset Motel, 7 Bankart Street, Raglan 3225, New Zealand
    Book at: https://insideyourmind.com/training/coach-training-masterclass
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