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We have a range of membership options starting with free membership for people who are just curious about NLP and want to know more, through to our full professional members who are accredited by us as meeting professional standards for working with clients.



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Membership Requirements


For people who are interested in NLP or are students of NLP with no practitioner certification and wish to belong to an Association to find out more about NLP and connect with like-minded people.


For people who have completed some NLP training (of any length).

Additional benefits to people who have completed the full 18 days Practitioner and 18 days Master Practitioner courses (live face-to-face or live online).


First time registration:

  1. Completion of 18 days Practitioner and 18 days Master Practitioner training (live face-to-face or live online).

  2. Written case study (click here to download template).

  3. 30 practice hours (may comprise of individual or couples therapy, coaching, group training, or corporate consulting).

  4. 4 one-on-one supervision sessions across first 30 practice hours.

Note: the practice hours and supervision must be completed within a 12 month period prior to your application.

Registration renewal:

  1. 15 hours of professional development per year ongoing.

  2. 10 supervision sessions per year ongoing (may be a mixture of 1-1 or peer supervision).

Note: During first 2 years of professional membership, 6 of the 10 sessions must be one-on-one professional supervision.

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